Woman Transformed $1,900 Vintage RV Into Gorgeous Tiny House On Wheels

Tiny homes have been slowly gaining traction over the last years as affordable and more sustainable homes. In this video from 2018, one woman named Jessy took that a step further and turned a vintage RV that cost just $1,900 from Craigslist, into her dream tiny house, with the added bonus of it being on wheels! She’s lived in it for three years already and appears to be having the time of her life.

While many might only sit and dream about owning such a home, Jessy went out there and actually did it. And while her nomadic lifestyle isn’t always easy, oftentimes grueling and difficult, Jessy claims it’s rewarding and worth it, and that she’s learned to never let fear get in the way. Now she’s not bound by anything other than her imagination.

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