Woman Makes Natural-Looking Dolls Because She Wants To Remind Kids They’re Beautiful As They Are

Sonia Singh, a toy designer and artist, has designed a range of fashion dolls that look just like real girls do.

The modern media landscape constantly presents images of “ideal beauty.” In magazines to digital ads, you see beautiful models that wear a size 0, have the perfect hair, wear an effortless smile, and have all the right curves.

It’s enough to make anyone feel terrible about their own appearance, as we constantly compare ourselves to the beauty we are bombarded with and never seem able to live up to it.

In the past, it was a little easier to shield yourself from these unrealistic beauty standards. After all, back then, you could close that magazine and throw it right in the trash where you thought it belonged. But now, in our online lives, it’s almost impossible not to see ads about the latest and greatest fad diet that promises you can lose 30 pounds.

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