Why Saying, “I Love One Child More Than Another” Damages Entire Families

We at Bright Side studied some consequences of child favoritism and we want to share them with you so you can avoid some serious misunderstandings with your family in the future.

Healthy communication between family members can be lost. Relationships based on guilt may lead to fights and disconnections.

Children want attention. It’s normal that when you push a child away, they try their best to get that attention back, researchers say. The problem is that they unconsciously pick the “wrong” type of behavior.

As a result, you may see aggression, tears, or too attached. Kids watch their parents, pick up on their mood easily, and inevitably become a reflection of them. Later on, this may lead to deep psychological trauma in adulthood.

Parents may decide to give one child more attention, not just in general, but during their exam period. And this always has an impact on the other children.

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