Viola Davis Regrets Taking Her Role In ‘The Help’ And Believes The Movie Missed The Mark

Back in 2011, a movie came out called The Help. The movie was focused on the civil rights movement of the 1960s, and the true stories of the “help” that were hired to work for white families.

However, not everyone in the cast can look back at the experience fondly. Bryce Dallas Howard, who played Hilly Holbrook, reportedly feels as if the movie isn’t great if you’re watching it to educate yourself.

She also said that she tried hard making changes to the film, admitting that she came on set with an “attitude.” But, that’s important to hear. Even though actors have a job in front of them, they’ll be the ones who are judged if they end up sending a bad message. Viola speaking out on the film means so much.

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