Users Share Which Actors Instantly Ruin a Movie for Them and Why

There is probably no one actor out there who is liked by everyone. We all have our own personal idols, as well as movie stars that we just do not like. Surprisingly enough, our attitude toward artists doesn’t always depend on their talent and skills. Oftentimes we feel some kind of weird dislike for very unexpected reasons.

We at Bright Side couldn’t pass by the threads where users were sharing which actors they don’t want to see on the screen and why. Much to our surprise, we found a lot of A-list actors among them.

Leonardo DiCaprio. I used to like movies he was in and I consider him a dignified actor. But I got this feeling that he has been working too hard all these years in order to get the “Oscar.” I got a bit tired of it. I even felt some kind of relief when DiCaprio finally got his award because now he can perhaps relax and act without any pressure.

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