This Online Course Bundle Will Teach You How To Draw For Just $40

Take a quick look at your wall, particularly that “accidental” drawing your child drew of you a few weeks ago. Go ahead and try to draw a similar portrait yourself. If you find that they’re of the same caliber, then your drawing skills could probably use a little work.

Equipped with 12 courses, this learning bundle will provide you with the skills to translate your creative ideas onto paper. Taught by experts, including Robert Marzullo, an experienced comic book artist, and Homa Tayefeh, an expert colored pencil and ballpoint pen drawing artist, this set of courses will expose you to the different types of illustrations, like comic book characters, animal portraits, and digital drawings. If you don’t know how to draw at all, there are also foundational courses that will teach you basic drawing and shading, as well as figure drawing.

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