The ‘Puttacup’ Is A Vent Cover That Allows You To Swap Out Your Old One And Practice Your Putting Skills Indoors

This features a full putting cup that you can place flat on the floor to create a realistic golf hole. Furthermore, you don’t need to cut a hole in the floor platform just to install it. This ingenious putting cup is designed as a vent cover replacement, thus turning your HVAC vent into a golf cup. Aside from its full putting cup, it also has built-in venting holes to still allow proper ventilation. So you can practice putting indoor without annoying ramps or the hassle of cutting a hole into your floor.

“I tried using above ground putting devices but they didn’t allow you to putt into a real golf hole in your home.”, Wilson shares. “So after thinking about it, I noticed the floor heating vent was already cut into the floor.  I pulled the vent, stuck a towel down and cut out a piece of cardboard the size of a golf hole and taped it down. Now, I could putt into a real hole at home. The Puttacup was born.”

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