The ‘Predators Of The Heart Sanctuary’ Is An Island Full Of Friendly Wolves And You’re Able To Go Visit Them

That’s exactly the idea behind the sanctuary. This facility provides an appropriate environment for these wild canines while allowing people to visit and pet them. Now we can have the chance to cuddle and play with them within their natural home. The Predators of the Heart Sanctuary is 10-acre wildlife preserve located in the forest areas of Fidalgo Island about 60 miles north of Seattle and right next to Vancouver past the Canadian border.

The sanctuary has been operating since 1998 and has become the largest traveling exhibitor in the Northwest. It aims to preserve the natural habitat of not just wolves but other wild animals as well. The staff ensure that all wolves living inside the facility are given proper care and that they and the public are safe. Furthermore, these resident wolves have been trained to interact with humans since they were pups. So visitors can ensure their safety in the company of these friendly wolves.

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