The History Of Racism In American Maternity Care Is Truly Bleak, And It’s Still A Major Problem

Maternity care in America is not what it should be. That’s a pretty massive understatement. While you’d expect the United States to be paving the way when it comes to labor and delivery, the truth is, hospitals are failing birthing women.

Still, the truth is that there’s a long history of racism in maternity care. In order to pave the way forward, we have to acknowledge how we got here in the first place.

Racism exists everywhere, but one place where it’s far too easy to see the repercussions are in the delivery room. However, when we look back over our nation’s history of maternity care and how Black women have been treated in the past, it’s even more unsettling. Black women haven’t just received poor treatment during birth; they have practically been tortured in the name of research.

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