The 2020 Oscars Were Filled With Delightful, Confusing, And Definitely Cringe-Worthy Moments

Last night, Hollywood honored achievements in film at the 2020 Oscars. Hollywood’s biggest night has been at the center of a lot of controversy in recent years.

There have been countless discussions on the disproportionate representation of women and people of color in the nominations, as well as the industry altogether. In 2017, the wrong film was announced as Best Picture. In 2019, Kevin Hart was announced as host but later stepped down as old homophobic tweets emerged. The show went without a host last year. The 2020 Oscars continued the sometimes amusing, sometimes cringy practice.

She began by singing the Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood theme before launching into her hit, Come Alive (War of the Roses). Billy Porter joined her on stage, as did a crew of dancers. The dancers dressed up as actors from important films from the last year, including ones that were snubbed.

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