Take a Glimpse at What Working for World-Famous Brands Is Really Like

We all know the products of world-famous companies very well. But have you ever wondered what the typical workplace of an employee who develops new technology or packs your order from Aliexpress looks like? Giant companies try to arrange their offices so that every person who works there feels as comfortable as possible.

We at Bright Side have virtually peeked into the offices of world-famous companies and are sharing the cool things we found there.

To avoid dropping a computer or other handheld items while climbing up, there are special bags that hang on a green tree next to the ladder.

This is done for the safety of the company and current developments so that no one leaves the building with anything they’re not supposed to take out.

This is because the company doesn’t want the staff to sit in one place. Even the cafeteria, which could easily be placed inside, is located outside. This system helps employees burn 800 calories a day.

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