Single Mom Creates Miniature Dolls Of Loved Ones To Help Children Deal With Separation Anxiety

A 39-year-old single mother named Debbie Lynn Rutkowski is helping children overcome separation anxiety and/or losing a loved one by creating special miniature doll versions for kids.

Debbie first got the idea when her 5-year-old son, Nathan, was nervous about starting kindergarten. She sent him to school with a miniature version of herself clipped to his belt, so he knew she always right there with him.

“Nathan was extremely anxious about going to kindergarten [so] I made it so he could take me with him,” she told Caters News. “He and I were quite connected, he is just a very sweet loving kid, so was very unsure of himself when going to school as he was a very young five-year-old. I wondered if I could make a tiny version of me, something discreet that he could hide if he was not comfortable showing it. I wanted to do something for him and I did see a big difference in him, he would ask for it every day and it gave him comfort.”

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