Singers Perform Remarkable Whistling And Singing Duet To Patsy Cline’s ‘Crazy’

There’s something to be said for a stripped-down, unenhanced version of a classic song. When you have only your voice, basic instruments, and no special equipment, the music has to shine. In this video from 2018, these two young Youtubers took on a Patsy Cline classic and showed the old-fashioned way may still be the best.

Old songs like this were designed without all of the modern equipment, audio enhancements, and autotuners in mind, and this young duo takes to it Patsy Cline’s classic “Crazy” with that spirit in mind.

The basic style and lovely vocals fit perfectly with these two young artists. Turner’s style is a little sleepy, slow, and beautiful in its own way that compliments the voice of Allison until the two start singing it together and both break out in wide, pleased grins. They’re obviously having just as much playing together as anyone who listens to it will.

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