Sharon Osborne Opens Up About Lasting Marriage, Says Being Without Ozzy Is ‘Unthinkable’

When it comes to unique life experiences, no one has amassed as many as Ozzy Osbourne. His fascinating life is the subject of a new documentary.

Biography: The Nine Lives of Ozzy Osbourne is an extra-special look at Ozzy’s life because his son, Jack Osbourne, produced it.

“After so long and so much that we’ve gone through to keep this family together, you do become a soulmate. You do become codependent on each other. You don’t wanna go anywhere without each other or do anything without each other.”

“As the years go on you just get closer. When a romance first starts it’s lust, and it’s love, and it’s everything — [expletive] and giggles. It’s a different love. As you get older and things change in your lives, it just becomes a different love.”

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