Sequel Plots That Ruin The Previous Movies

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A quality sequel improves the original. Think of how much cooler films like The Terminator and Alien become, thanks to their excellent follow-ups. Unfortunately, most sequels tend to make us exhausted by the series instead. And in some cases they add new wrinkles and developments that retroactively turn what came before into a bizarre mess. For instance …

In the first Jurassic Park, John Hammond is a genuinely good guy who also grows prehistoric murder monsters for children to play with. Nobody’s perfect. When the dino shit hits the fan, he agrees to risk destroying the park with a system reboot rather than maintain the possibility of salvaging it by waiting for the dinosaurs to slip into comas via the “lysine contingency.” Ultimately, Hammond accepts that playing God is a bad idea, and that financial concerns aren’t worth having his grandchildren devoured by velociraptors.

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