People Think Meghan and Harry Bought Mel Gibson’s $14.5 Million Mansion Thanks to an Instagram Post

People think Meghan Markle and Prince Harry bought Mel Gibson’s massive Malibu mansion. Reminder: Meghan and Harry just moved to Los Angeles from Canada . Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are currently in Los Angeles where they’re self-isolating to help stop the spread of coronavirus while they prep for the launch of their new charitable foundation, Archewell . As of now it looks like the couple are just renting, but they reportedly want to put down roots in the Malibu area. And uh, they are rumored to be prospective buyers of Mel Gibson’s $14.5 million home–at least based on a rogue Instagram post. Basically, a real estate agent (not gonna drop the name here for the sake of privacy!) posted “Big news Prince Harry & Meghan buy Mel Gibson’s house,” and when they was contacted about said post by The Sun , it was immediately deleted. Meanwhile, sources seem to have conflicting opinions about what, exactly, is going on. One source says the property recently sold, telling The Sun “Non-disclosure agreements have been signed. But you’re very warm.” But another source “close to Meghan and Harry” told the outlet that reports they’d bought Mel Gibson’s house were “categorically untrue.” Oh, and TMZ’s “real estate sources” (lol) also claimed they are not the buyers. As a reminder, Meghan and Harry are planning to spend the majority of their time in the United States, but have made it clear they’ll still have a strong connection to England and the royal family. In fact, they’re said to be spending time with the Queen in her Balmoral estate this summer (assuming it’s safe to travel!) .

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