People Share Awkward Situations That Everyone Can Relate To

Not all of us can be constantly as suave and effortlessly cool as Jude Law on ice; no, sadly we normal people experience moments of skin-crawling agony when we embarrass ourselves in public or with family and friends.

One curious person took to Reddit to find out what some of the most relatable uncomfortable situations are that people get themselves into, by asking, “What’s a really awkward situation that everyone can relate with?”

And boy, did the internet have some toe-curling thoughts and stories! So, please find below, a collection of the most awkward situations that everyone can relate to!

“When you’re finishing up at the checkout and the cashier puts the notes on top of the receipt and then coins on top of that. Then the next person steps up and you’re fumbling, trying to disassemble the stack in your hand, gather your shopping, say thanks and move away at the same time.” ⏤ Dominoodles

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