“Oh, Are You Babysitting?” A Story of a Black Woman Who Adopted 3 White Kids and Who Proves Love Sees No Color

In a world where there’s so much sadness and injustice all the time, good news is needed as often as possible so we don’t forget that kindness still exists. Unfortunately, a big part of the bad that surrounds us is racism and intolerance.

Bright Side would like to introduce you to Treka Engleman, the woman who said, “love is love, no matter the color,” and to her incredible story!

Treka thought that she knew how to take care of children, because she’s always had a lot of experience thanks to babysitting and working in childcare. But little did she know that 3 kids would change her whole life.

She never thought that fostering could happen for her, because she was single and had no children of her own. However, she did some research and it turned out that she could in fact become a foster parent, as long as she was above the age of 21. So, after a period of consideration and planning and of talking to her family, she finally decided to go for it.

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