NASA Shares A Photo Of The Sun That Looks Like It Already Celebrating Halloween

Science is undoubtedly awesome. It has not only pushed the human race forward in achieving new heights but has become a key to unleashing more secrets about the universe.

captioned the photo: ‘Even our star celebrates the spooky season in 2014. The
active regions on the sun brought about this Jack-o-Lantern face, as seen by
our Solar Dynamics Observatory Satellite.’

NASA’s SDO was launched in 2010 as part of the Living with A Star Program. Its main goal is to form a scientific understanding of how the Sun/Earth system affects societies and life on the planet.

image is a combination of two sets of Ultraviolent wavelengths named 171 and 193
Angstroms. They are colored in gold and yellow, which in turn gives an image of
a creepy Halloween pumpkin look.

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