Mom-Of-Two Divides Opinion By Revealing She Bathes In Dettol Once A Week

A mother-of-two has revealed how she feels revitalized after
bathing in Dettol Antiseptic Disinfectant once a week, claiming it leaves her
skin feeling very fresh.

Laura Nicholls, 33, from Bridgend, Wales recently baffled
internet users on posting her rare beauty hack in a Facebook Group named ‘Mrs.
Hinch Made Me Do It.’

Laura claimed she puts two capfuls of Dettol Antiseptic Liquid
in her bathing water once a week. She went on to reveal how she also uses the
hack on her son, 8, admitting she bathes him in the liquid if he’s been playing
and getting filthy.

Dettol, according to its manufacturer’s instructions can be used for the anti-bacterial treatment of water mainly for personal hygiene, but some critics were apparently not keen on the concept.

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