Mom Of 3 Invites Cameras Into Home After Furnishing Her Entire House For Free, Saving $26,000

Cat Fletcher has a beautiful three-bedroom home in the UK, a place where she can truly create lasting memories with her 18-year-old twin daughters and 21-year-old son.

We’re talking Le Creuset pans, a six-hob oven, a fancy Bosch dishwasher, and even a 15-foot palm tree for her garden, which would have cost her at least $1,000 otherwise… not to mention her furniture, clothing, bedding, and more.

Cat, a thrifty environmentalist, spent five years turning her semi-detached home into a “shabby chic” haven by scouring websites where people give away their unwanted items.

She estimates she has saved at least $26,000 by her unconventional design approach. “I can maintain my home without it eating into income for food and raising three kids,” she told Barcroft. “Living the way I do allows me to live comfortably but within my means.”

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