Mom Issues Ultimatum And Insists Her Son Can No Longer See His Uncle Due To Harmful DNA Jokes

“But he keeps bringing it up. Again he made another comment on my son’s second birthday. My best friend is Asian. My ex from almost seven years ago (I’ve been with my husband for five years now) is Asian as well. He ‘joked’ that my son looks more like my friend (?) because he has dark hair and eyes, then he turned to me and said ‘Isn’t your ex Asian? Maybe my bro needs a test’ and laughed. I thought this was so rude and was so happy no one nearby heard it.”

It’s already clear that this behavior from her brother-in-law is really hard to deal with. These kinds of “jokes” are rarely that funny to everyone involved, and the mom is definitely not laughing. It is pretty weird that her brother-in-law is so obsessed with his nephew’s eye color that reading up on how different genes can behave isn’t enough for him.

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