Meet Big Nose George – The Outlaw Who Was Killed And Turned Into Shoes And Other Items

George Parrott was a man of many names. He went by George Warden, George Manuse, Big Beak George, and Big Nose George, to name a few. But the only title that stuck the whole way through was that of “outlaw.”

And while this 19th-century outlaw’s life is interesting, it is perhaps not as interesting as his death. The man of many names is spending eternity in as many pieces — as a flowerpot, an ashtray, a science experiment, and a pair of shoes.

Carbon County Sheriff’s Deputy Robert Widdowfield and Union Pacific Detective Henry Vincent hunted the fugitives to their hideout in Rattlesnake Canyon near Elk Mountain, Wyoming. When the lawmen came upon their camp, the gang ambushed them, shot them, and buried their bodies before fleeing.

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