Madison Prewett “Never Cried Harder” Than When Barb Came For Her During ‘The Bachelor’ Finale

Madison Prewett spoke to Kaitlyn Bristowe on the Off the Vine podcast about The Bachelor finale. Madison said she “never cried harder” than when Peter Weber’s mom, Barb, confronted her during the finale. Madison wishes she had apologized to Barb. The Bachelor finale aired way back in March, but I’m still replaying how Peter’s mom, Barb, absolutely laid into Madison Prewett and straight-up said their relationship was going to “fail.” It was a rough finale, and Madison just opened up to Kaitlyn Bristowe about how Barb made her feel in the moment and why she wishes she apologized to Peter’s mom. Talking on Kaitlyn’s Off the Vine podcast , Madison said that Barb took away her and Peter’s moment to reconnect and figure out what they want their future to look like. Because of that, Madison was defensive and wasn’t putting up with Barb’s comments. And when the segment was over, she burst into tears. She explained : “I wish that I would have just apologized and been apologetic in that moment. I think I was so taken back and I was so hurt by the things that were being said to me in this time that was so beautiful for me and Peter. We had overcome so much to be there. We’re trying to fight so hard–we don’t know if it was going to work–but we’re trying so hard to figure out if it can. For that opportunity to kind of be taken from the both of usu2026for that to be the ending of the season, I mean I walked off that stage and I had never cried harder in my life.” Madison understands where Barb was coming from because she and Peter were so different, but she said Peter’s family also used to really like her ever since she attended his parents’ vow renewal, so it was an awkward situation. She added, “Every time I saw Peter, and I know a lot didn’t get shown throughout the show, but every time we were together he was talking about how much his family loved me.u2026We were already talking about when we were going to see the family again.” Ultimately, Madison said she “was never trying to be disrespectful, honest in exactly where I was at and how I was feeling.” Welp! Guess it doesn’t really matter anymore, though, because she and Peter aren’t even dating. Now Barb can continue to slide into Kelley Flanagan’s Instagram comments .

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