Kristen Bell Admits That Her Five-And-A-Half Year Old Daughter Is ‘Still In Diapers’

Potty training is one of the difficult milestones that all parents need to endure. There will be some tears.

The scary part for parents is that there are often cut-off dates if a child isn’t potty trained. For example, many schools and daycares will only accept three-year-olds into their program if they’re adequately potty trained by the fall start date. It can turn into a lot of pressure if your child isn’t ready — or, is simply too stubborn to do so.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that every child will get there by three. At that point, it’s easy to talk your toddler through the process. However, a strong-willed toddler may feel as if there’s a lack of control having to use something outside of a diaper. Even children who successfully know how to use the potty can often regress.

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