Johnny Cash’s Grandson Takes Stage Performing Song ‘Ring Of Fire’

If you loved Johnny Cash’s music, you’re going to love his grandson singing Ring of Fire. The crossover music star lives on through Thomas Gabriel, who has a similar baritone voice — deep, rich, and undeniably attention-grabbing. What’s not so obvious, however, is how similar Gabriel’s background is to his late grandfather. A life filled with difficulty — plus the bond with his grandfather — helped shape his music to include Cash’s hits as well as his own songs in The Thomas Gabriel Band. And that’s certainly on display this video from Gabriel’s 2018 live performance in Folsom, California for Good Day Sacramento.

“I said I just want to get back to music,” Gabriel told Forbes. “I went to prison, wrote all these songs, they’re not doing anything, but sitting there and neither am I. I want to get back to my music.”

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