John Stamos Shares His Family’s Adorable Attempt At Singing ‘It’s A Small World After All’

It’s no secret that John Stamos and his wife, Caitlyn McHugh Stamos are huge Disney fans. John actually proposed to Caitlyn at Disneyland. Caitlyn, a Disneybounder who coordinates outfits based on characters, was super moved by the thoughtful proposal.

John Stamos and his wife are hardcore Disney fans. It’s adorable to see how their love for Disney has taken on a whole new life as they raise their nearly 2-year-old son, Billy. The family has been trying to keep the magic going while practicing social distancing.

Billy has other plans, however. He climbs onto Caitlyn’s lap. He tumbles around the bed until he starts crying. He even playfully bites his mom as the couple also dissolves into laughter. The video ends with John throwing a stuffed Mickey Mouse at the camera.

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