Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Dance With Daughters To 2000s Hits At ‘Club Basement’

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have one of the most beautiful examples of a blended family we’ve ever seen.

While the tween girls weren’t familiar with all the songs played, they showed an impressive knowledge. More importantly, it looked like they were having a blast.

There’s no denying that Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez have a lot of fun with their family. Both the stars are fun-loving in their own nature. With a bunch of teenage kids in the home, they’ve found a way to be cool parents without hardly trying.

Recently, Alex and Jennifer decided to put their tween daughters’ knowledge of some of the greatest party tracks of the early 2000s to the test. Both shared videos of what they affectionately called “Club Basement” on TikTok and Instagram. Joining them was Alex’s nephew, 23-year-old Chicago White Sox pitcher Nick Silva.

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