I’m A Single Mom And I’m Teaching My Kids That Single Parent Households Are Totally Normal

I have no idea if I’ll ever get married again and I’ll never say never. But I actually quite like living, and even parenting completely on my own.

There are absolutely parts of it that are challenging. Particularly, the financial part. But I’ve found, over the past two years of being single and running my home the way I like it and see fit, that there’s freedom in being the person who is in charge. I like that freedom. I might even like it too much to ever have a man move in. And I think that’s okay!

When I was married, I definitely realized what a strong-willed independent person I was. Those don’t sound like bad things to be. But for me, I couldn’t exactly find the balance of how to maintain who I was while remaining in my marriage. Or at least, remaining happy in my marriage.

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