I Was a Mail Carrier for 20+ Years—Here’s What I Know About You

Worried that your mail carrier knows more than they should? You can forget the tired stereotype of the busybody mail carrier. “We don’t read your mail, not even the outside, unless something is really off,” says Nigel, 62, a letter carrier with 24 years of service, who declined to share his last name for privacy reasons. “We’re too busy. We have too many things to deliver and too many stops to make to get into your business.”

As many moms-to-be can attest, it seems like baby formula companies know you’re pregnant almost before you do. It’s likely you end up on a mailing list through a form you fill out from a pregnancy magazine, online, or at your doctor’s office, but however it happens, your mail carrier will notice. “Companies send out whole packages of bottles of formula samples and they are labeled all over with pictures of babies and the brand name so it’s really obvious what they are,” Jeff says. “I never say anything, even if I know that customer pretty well, but I do think ‘congratulations’ and say a little prayer for them.” In addition, you will likely start getting thick stacks of coupons for baby items, maternity magazines, diaper samples, and other items that make it clear that if you’re not expecting yet, you’re definitely thinking about it.

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