“I Made A 1-inch Scrape On A Stranger’s Tail Light While Parallel Parking Yesterday. Today I Got This Text”

Bumping into someone’s car is not something anyone wants to happen. It can really make you feel stressed just thinking about the paperwork and money that you have to pay. Not to add having to potentially dealing with entitled people who just want to dry your pocket out.

The temptation to drive away is strong in most cases especially when we find the scratch that the owner might just miss. But Slathbog showed that’s not how bros do it. Her post on Reddit has been given more than 68k upvotes as well as 5 silver awards.

As it appears, being the first person to own up to your mistake typically gives you positive feedback. Remember to take pictures of the situation as well as plate numbers before leaving the note. Or if you can, talk to the owner immediately after the incident and most importantly, be genuinely sorry.

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