I Lived 7 Days Following the Rules of a Famous Psychologist and Stopped to Save My Life

Psychologist Mikhail Labkovskiy, author of the famous book I Want and I Will: Accepting Yourself, Loving Life, and Becoming Happy, is definitely an edgy person: his big statements often make people that are interested in psychology feel a lot of conflicting emotions.

My name is Yulia and I decided to do an experiment that I’m going to tell Bright Side readers about: For a week, I tried to follow the rules formed by this famous psychologist. And even though they are incredibly simple, I had a very hard time following them.

For a long time, I’ve wanted to spend my whole income on myself, instead of saving it, or spending it on food, services, and stuff. I spent everything in 3 days, and then I found out that my husband’s paycheck would be delayed for 3 days. It was a terrible moment, and I was extremely nervous. To calm myself down, I put on one of the dresses I bought and used a new super-expensive lipstick. I kept telling myself that I deserved all of this, and that I could just do it once and it would be okay.

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