I Gave Up Drinking During Quarantine—Here’s Why

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While I didn’t set out with the intention of not drinking for the now three-plus weeks my home state of Connecticut has been sheltering in place, as it turns out, it’s a happy accident.

While the COVID-19 panic was starting to build, at the time, the idea of our schools and offices shutting down completely seemed like a remote possibility. By Friday, March 13, my children’s school had closed for the upcoming week and my office announced that all employees must begin working remotely. (I’m an editor at RD.com.) All the while I was reading labels to make sure I wasn’t accidentally eating anything with sugar or other non-compliant Whole30 foods, passing on cheese or crackers as a snack and studiously avoiding alcohol. Even just a week into my 30 days, I was really liking the way I was feeling, and I knew a large part of that was because I wasn’t drinking alcohol.

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