How Much Does it Really Cost to Live in a RV?

Living in an RV may seem like a dream—and for some, it’s a reality. Living in an RV lets you see the country or world while living in your own portable home. However, is it cheaper than living in a brick and mortar home? These full-time RVers shed light on how much it really costs to live in an RV.

Not every place will let you park your RV for free. Campgrounds and RV resorts have different costs based on location, time of year, and length of stay. Average costs for many resorts or campgrounds are around $30 and $50 per night but you can usually get a discount by the month or week. The fees typically cover water, electricity, cable, WIFI, sewage, and use of facilities such as bath, shower, and laundry. The more amenities the resort has, the more money it will cost per night.

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