Hiker Hears Faint Voice Crying Out For Help — Rescues Man Missing For Two Weeks

Last month, a man and his two children rescued a hiker who was stranded in a New Mexico forest for 14 days. John Utsey was on a hike with his kids in the Santa Fe National Forest when they encountered the unidentified hiker.

It is always recommended to do certain wilderness activities in a group. Hiking or walking on a trail can become frightening very fast if you are unaccompanied by a friend.

When faced with a similar situation, one man acted so bravely that his quick actions saved someone’s life. Again, it is never recommended to go hiking by yourself.

The group spent their time trying to determine where the second voice was coming from. They eventually stumbled across a man lying in the woods just waiting for help to come. John claimed that he could tell that this man was in trouble without even checking. The man’s lips were chapped to the point of having blisters, and he was extremely skinny.

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