Had to Reschedule? Here Are 20 Gorgeous Summer Wedding Color Schemes

Picture this: You get engaged . Then you and your boo pick a date for your wedding during your favorite season– spring ! Then, the next thing you know, the world is hit with a global pandemic and plans go haywire. You’re no longer leaving your house, let alone hosting an event for 100+ people to celebrate this milestone. So, you reschedule. Sure, it’s annoying, but on the scale of all the dire things happening across the globe, it’s a pretty minor problem. Now it’s time to pick your summer wedding color palette, and I wanna help! Turns out, another part of this whole ~global pandemic thang~ is that, if you’re lucky enough (ud83dude4f) to stay healthy, you suddenly have a lot of time on your hands. So here’s my wedding gift to you. (Sorry, I simply don’t know where you guys are registered .) Behold: From classic neutrals to bright floral-inspired hues, here are the best color schemes for your summer wedding. Poppy and Sage If you’re getting married somewhere lush, then poppy and sage is the move. Incorporate tropical tones and leafy motifs into table settings and bouquets to give your event an upscale beach-y feel. White, Gold, and Green You can’t go wrong with a classic neutral, a touch of glam, and strong forestry vibes. Optimal for both a sleek, modern setting or a barn party, this color scheme looks ah-mah-zing on everything from your invitations to your cake. Cinnamon Rose Pink has been a classic wedding fave for forever, but a new dusty rose color is taking over this summer. For an elegant yet enchanting look, fuse brown hues and muted pinks. Cinnamon rose-inspired bridesmaid dresses and a blush bouquet = an uber romantic aesthetic. Lilac and Lavender Best for an outdoor wedding, these purple shades can work for bridesmaids’ dresses or groomsmen’s ties, and they’ll def pop against any naturally rich backdrop. Classic Blue You can’t get much trendier than Pantone’s 2020 Color of the Year, which they describe as where the sea and sky meet at dusk. (Tru00e8s romantique, I might add.) You can even go as far as to let this shade inspire your signature cocktail…as long as you’re into Hpnotiq. Pineapple, Orange, and Pale Pink Nothing says summer like sunny yellows and playful pinks. The combo of bohemian and feminine vibes creates a sweet sorbet perfect for legit any kind of hot-weather wedding. Elevate your cocktail hour by turning your drink table into wall du00e9cor (see below) with pops of orange, both the color and the fruit. Seaside Blues and Greens If you’re tying the knot oceanside, celebrate that natural beauty with elegant shades of blue and green. Commit to the theme with sea-inspired place cards and favors your guests can use the next time they hit the beach. Bonus: You already have your something blue. Marigold and Floral Lean into cheery summer vibes by pairing vibrant marigold with lovely flowers. Consider bringing the garden lewk to your bridesmaids’ dresses and asking your crew to wear bright floral prints, while also incorporating marigold blooms into your table settings. Dusty Blue and Burgundy If you’re getting married on the Fourth of July, you just found your color palette. The bohemian vibe of these hues are on-brand for most summer weddings, but thankfully don’t scream, “Happy birthday, America!” in, like, an annoying way. Experiment with deep cranberry napkins or petals, and line each guest’s seat with a blue ribbon. Oh, and don’t forget the most important part: The blue-and-white multi-tiered cake. Pistachio and Rose Earth tones are calming, which TBH, is not a bad thing, considering how stressful your wedding day is gonna be. (Sorry, but it’s true.) Did someone say roses and hydrangeas for the bouquet? Yeah, I dig. Since these shades are pretty neutral, they’re super easy to match with color accents, which is another plus. Terracotta and White If you wanna let your color palette show off your good taste, keep it simple with these warm hues. The sunbathed tones are perfect for hot temps and will add a subtle desert vibe to your reception. Consider dressing your bridesmaids in sand colors, too. Peach and Gold This is a low-key but super romantic option. Perfect for a barn or garden wedding, these shades look great against exposed brick or wood paneling, and can even match your signature cocktail. (Hi, Bellini!) Saffron, Fuchsia, and Navy This not-for-the-shy trio of hues will captivate every single guest, even your hard-to-please great aunt. Jewel tones are pretty perf for all 365 days, but something about their sunset-y vibes in the summer really makes ’em sing. Natural Woods and Neutrals Bring an outdoorsy ‘tude with lots of wood and neutrals. Ideal for nature-bound nuptials or to contrast an ultra-modern city setting, this combination will set your wedding apart. Want to go even more on-theme? Splurge on wooden invitations or organic handcrafted keepsakes for favors. Yellow and Bright White A sunny combo will make your wedding day feel full of life and love. This lighthearted theme means you can totally include lemons, daffodils, and/or sunflowers in your bouquet and throughout the decor. Pastels and Metallics Yes, you *can* opt for both pastels and metallics. It’s your wedding, you get to make the rules! The muted palette is at once lovey-dovey and crazy-cool. Sunset Orange and Sherberts This is basically the wedding version of an Aperol spritz. Ideal for those of you getting married entirely outdoors–and omg, if you can arrange for your guests to witness a stunning sunset during cocktail hour, even better. Navy and True Blue A little bit preppy, this combo is perfect for a country-club sitch or a nautical space. Opt for blue glassware, blue-on-white prints, and an excuse to put your man in that navy suit you’ve always dreamed about. Deep Purple and Natural Green If you want to liven up a ballroom space or elevate your backyard wedding just a tad, I promise you that deep purple against natural green will do the trick. Fragrant lilac flowers will give any venue a dash of sophistication, while deep greens look classy in everything from the groomsmen’s ties to leafy table accents. Scarlet and Blush Basically the summer version of winter’s cozy burgundy and wine. Lighten the mood with a bright scarlet red–passionate!–and dainty blush. I mean, it *is* a wedding, after all.

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