Guys, These TikTok Pranks for Couples (or Anyone Quarantined Together, TBH) Are Giving Me Life

It’s official: We’ve become so. freakin’. bored. in our homes that TikTok is now our main source of entertainment. But really, whomst is complaining?! Even after mastering the Renegade, dubbing the Kardashians , and showcasing some of your mad makeup contouring skills, you might be wondering: Okay, what’s next? Well my friends, if you are currently cooped up with your significant other, a random Tinder match, or your roommate who you occasionally hook up with (no shade), allow me to introduce you to the world of viral ~couples’~ pranks. Yup, it’s time to trade in your quarantine puzzles and Animal Crossing . Here’s a round up of TikTok’s best pranks alllll at the expense of your significant other, of course. All is fair in love and…quarantine? Film Your S.O. Watching You Dance Instead of documenting your sick moves, capture your partner’s candid reaction while you practice viral dances. Set up your phone camera so that it looks like you’re filming yourself, but make sure it’s getting your boo’s reaction instead. Honestly, we stan a supportive partner, but some of the most LOL TikToks feature a stone-faced partner who has sat through one too many performances this quarantine, thank you very much. Examples: Pull Out a Fake FaceTime Call The fastest way to find out if your guy is the jealous type? Use this audio filter to make it sound like another man is hitting you up. Watch out though, ladies: I’ve heard a rumor that a gender-reversed soundbite is making its rounds on TikTok. You’ve been warned! Examples: Attempt the Hoodie and Fridge Mix-Up As probably the easiest prank to pull off, all you need to scare your S.O. is a hoodie and a fridge. Start by putting on your hoodie backwards (as to conceal your face). Then open up the fridge and shout for your partner. When they come to assist in your food search, wait for them to pull down your hood and freak the f*ck out when they realize it’s actually your face. (Just watch the video examples, it makes more sense that way). Examples: Break Up With Your S.O. Via Song Lyrics Okay, good news: There’s no need to be in the same room with someone for this prank (@ all of you not currently quarantined with your bae). Text your S.O. lyrics from a song to see if they catch on… or if they play into your even genius. Most people have been using the lyrics from Troy and Gabriella’s “Gotta Go My Own Way” from High School Musical 2 , lol, so yeah… your relationship is about to get real interesting. LINKS: Serve ‘Em a “Treat” Couples across TikTok are pretending to show their sweet side by offering their partners candy apples, cupcakes, and other irresistible treats they made. The unsuspecting prankees then bite into a water balloon, raw egg, onion, etc. Juvenile? Absolutely. The chance to go viral on TikTok? V high. A Naked Surprise for Afternoon Delight When your partner is busy working or playing video games or chillin’ on a Zoom call with their boss (lol), strip down naked, walk into the room, and record their reaction. Not only will you have a hilarious TikTok, you’ll also add some sexy spontaneity to an afternoon in quarantine–and that’s just about allllll we need in life right now, anyway. Examples: Oh, and btw: No need to miss out on the fun if you’re quarantining without your S.O. or are just single AF. These basically all still apply to your parents, siblings, or unsuspecting roomies (…just maybe not the nakey challenge?). Either way, whatever you do, stay home.

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