Great Side Stories Hiding In Famous Blockbusters

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Sometimes movies over-explain things. Did we really need two movies telling us how the Alien was invented, or a solo Solo story about why Han Solo is named Solo? But then you get movies that do the opposite, dropping bombshells in passing before skipping along like nothing happened. There are entire movies hidden inside other movies, and half the time they seem way more interesting than the movie we actually got. For example …

In the gripping legal drama Batman v. Superman, plaintiff Batman wins the case, and the defendant Superman is forced to hand over his life (if we’re remembering that right). Superman dies, which means his alter-ego Clark Kent is also sent to that defunct print media office in the sky. Because their world hasn’t yet realized that wearing glasses is not a disguise, the film ends with two separate funerals: a massive memorial in Metropolis for Supes, and a humble service in Smallville for Clark. That alone wouldn’t be too much of a coincidence. After all, millions of people would have died on that one day. But only two people have ever come back from the dead, and they have the exact same chin.

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