Fran Drescher, 62, Reveals About Having A Friend With Benefits: ‘It’s Delightful And Keeps Me Going’

When it comes to TV icons, we would be offensively wrong to
eradicate Fran Drescher. 62-Year-Old Fran had starred on the hit ‘90s sitcom ‘The
Nanny’ for 7years.  She was both a
Fashion and Television Icon.

Fran made history by being the 1st ever Jewish woman to play a Jewish lead character in a Sitcom since the 1940s. Presently, the 62-Year-Old has opened up about her life and love in an interview with The Cut.

‘As a Bu-Jew or as a Buddhist – more to the point of what I am
really – balancing is a major part of daily practice.’ Fran told The Cut.

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