Eight-Month Old Baby’s First Steps Is Melting Hearts

If you have ever gone through the joys of parenthood, this story might bring back a few cherished memories. In a world of technology, not a moment of a child’s growth is forgotten. This sweet video of a young eight-month-old from 2016 has stolen hearts across the internet. 

Dressed in an adorable button-down shirt that is tucked into his pants, he seems to know perfectly well what he is doing. Most toddlers need support during their first steps, but not this little man. He walks effortlessly without the assistance of his parents or any support.

His face has a determined look and you can tell that he is focusing all of his efforts on walking. He stares down at his feet as he walks forward and somehow gets the hang of it. He is distracted by the camera focused on him for a little while, but eventually gets back on track and continues walking again. During his entire walk, he does not stumble or fall even once.

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