Coconut Water vs Coconut Milk: How They Differ and What Their Benefits Are

Here at Bright Side we discovered the difference between coconut water and coconut milk, and we figured out all of the benefits you get if you eat them at least a few times a month.

Often people think that coconut milk and coconut water are the same thing. But in reality, these are completely different liquids. Coconut water is the transparent liquid inside the coconut — if you take a young coconut fruit and gently shake it, you can hear the coconut water inside. Thus, you can crack the coconut and immediately drink the water from it.

Coconut milk is something that is produced from coconut meat, which has to be cut out, ground, filtered, and liquified — then you get a thick, rich liquid that is white in color and similar to cream. Coconut milk is widely used in many national cuisines for making soups, main dishes, and drinks.

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