Chefchaouen, In Morocco, Has Become World’s Most Instagrammable City For Its Azure Blue Walls

Tourists turning up in Chefchaouen, a small city in Northern Morocco drenched in blue walls are usually hoping for a perfect selfie when posing for the camera.

Nevertheless,  the photogenic Chefchaouen esteemed travel
guide Fodor’s is beginning to fear for its future, revealing the off-beaten-track
destination has been ruined by Selfie-Seekers (Instagrammers).

Presently, with over 620,000 posts on Instagram, the #Chefchaouen popularity doesn’t appear to be slowing down. Bloggers, backpackers, and influencers keep swarming on the Moroccan city on a daily basis to take shots at its attractive blue stairs.

Built-in 1471 and home to more than 42,700 people – Chefchaouen also called Chaouen has been dubbed as one of the country’s most photographed cities. Now, the digital generation has witnessed the number soaring higher.

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