Celebrities With Horrifyingly Terrible Relatives

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You know how every family has one member that doesn’t quite live up to the reputation of the rest of the gang? Sometimes the apple doesn’t just fall far from the tree, it swan dives into a rotten dumpster full of baby farts. These celebrity offspring didn’t just not live up to their talented relatives, they didn’t even measure up to my most talented relative, which is probably my uncle Daryl who fishes with dynamite.

J.R.R. Tolkien’s was married to a total 1920’s smoke show. No joke, if this woman were alive today, she would be hawking makeup on YouTube, or Instagram modeling, or some other hot girl job. Her name was Edith, and she and Tolkien had four children together (nice). Their family tree is full of talented people, including the only blind fencer competing in Britain, an award-winning sculptor, a successful poet, and more. But while the rest of the Tolkien family was putting all of that Legolas and Frodo slash fiction money to good use, Grandson Royd Tolkien was producing terrible, terrible movies.

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