Casualty review with spoilers: Ruby reaches a decision amid Violette drug horror

There was a mercy dash for Ruby (Maddy Hill) in tonight’s Casualty as she raced to save the life of her baby niece, Harmony. The baby’s mother, Violette (Kelly Gough), had bumped into her ex-boyfriend and fellow addict Arlo and it didn’t take much persuasion before Violette was taking drugs again.

Luckily Will also heard a train in the background on the call, so Ruby hurtled to the station and persuaded Violette to let her take the baby to the hospital. Harmony was treated in time and will be fine, but Robyn was livid that Violette had been turning her home into a drugs den and she kicked her and the baby out. That was all Ruby needed to hear to convince her that she needed to get a lawyer and go for custody of Harmony herself. ‘You’re a danger to her and you’re a danger to yourself!’ she told her sister.

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