Canada just imposed a mandatory 14-day quarantine on all returning travellers

As of midnight this evening, anyone who comes into Canada from abroad must immediately go into a 14-day-long period of self-isolation.

That is not a suggestion, nor is it a recommendation. It’s an order — and one that could lead to significant legal and financial troubles for anyone who defies it.

“This new measure will provide the clarity for those re-entering the country about the essential need to self-isolate,” said Hadju.

“Individuals who exhibit symptoms upon arrival in Canada will be forbidden, also, from using public transit to travel to their places of isolation.”

Travellers will be forbidden from self-isolating in any place where they may come into contact with other vulnerable people, and can consult the Public Health Agency of Canada for alternative arrangements if they can’t secure such a space on their own, according to Hadju.

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