Bodybuilder, 36, Spent $110,000 To Transition From Male To Female

Allie Rose Keeler, 36, from Montana, had right from time knew she was different but was terrified to reveal her true gender identity to her socially conservative parents.

Allie knew she was uniquely different as early as
4-Year-old, but realized she was Trans at age 14. In an essay she wrote for
Medium in 2018, Allie revealed she grew up in a conservative state, surrounded
by people who would prefer she doesn’t exist.

‘For the past 20years, I had tried my best to shove my
feelings regarding my gender identity as far down as I could. Since my teens, I
have been grappling with it and as I reached my 30’s, the only thing I could do
was try to ‘ man up ‘ as best I could, to the point that even those closest to
me were privy to see through the cracks in the metaphorical armor I had
created.’ Allie wrote on Instagram.

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