Bob Shields: Dozens of reasons to sign Station 15 petition

It must have been sometime in the early 1980s – I’m guessing around 1984 – that I attended a fund-raising event in Ayr’s Abbottsford Hotel for an embryonic project called the “Ayr Hospice”.

I got chatting to an elderly cancer specialist who introduced a new word to my vocabulary – palliative. I was still a youngish man at the time – maybe not even 30. “Has cancer touched your life yet?” he asked. “No . . “ I answered. “It will, son . . .it will” he replied.

He was, sadly, proved right. About five years later, I think it was 1989, the Ayrshire Hospice opened. A few years after that, I watched my best friend – later to be my ‘best man’ – spend his final weeks there.

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