‘BBC Dad’ Made A Comeback To Remind Parents That Video Conferencing Can Be Unpredictable

Not everyone has a chance to wake up and realize they’ve become a viral star. Back in 2017, reporter Robert Kelly was all over the internet after a BBC interview turned into a relatable parenting moment that had the world laughing.

While live on television, Robert’s two children, Marion and James, both confidently busted into the office unannounced. Everything about their entrance was perfect.

From then on out, people knew Robert as “BBC Dad.” In fact, during conferences that occurred after this video, sometimes they announced him as “BBC Dad” before “Robert.”

In the piece, he debunked two rumors. One was that the whole ordeal with staged. The other? “That I did not stand up because I was not wearing pants,” he wrote. “To this day, I am still asked about these topics.” He wanted the world to know that this was just as it looked — an unstaged blooper that, at the time, was more embarrassing than funny.

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