Animal Shelter’s ‘Puppergrams’ For Valentine’s Day Include A Shelter Dog Visit And Cupcakes

Let’s be real: The traditional Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t my favorite. Stuffed animals? Not really my thing. Flowers? They’re nice and all, but they wilt pretty quickly. What about a real, live puppy? Okay, now you have my attention!

One animal shelter is making it happen this Valentine’s Day with their Puppergrams that would make a great gift for your sweetheart.

The shelter is committed to helping animals in need by placing deserving cats and dogs in their forever homes.

The shelter is offering “Puppergrams” which come with a visit from a shelter puppy, a cupcake, and a dozen roses.

These Puppergrams sound like a literal dream come true. These Valentine’s Day Treats are available for anyone who donates $75 or more, but there are limited quantities, so be sure to sign up ASAP!

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