An Air Conditioner Tech Climbs Building With His Bare Hands To Rescue Stranded 7-Year-Old Girl

Even though we’re all trying our best to keep our social distance, sometimes it’s important to break the rules.

That height is scary for most of us. When neighbors saw what was happening, they did everything they could to try and help her. Some took bedsheets and tried to create a safe landing if she fell. But it was 30-year-old Hu Yunchuan, an air conditioner technician, who saved the day.

Even more amazing, he climbed the building using his bare hands — and had no relation to the girl whatsoever. Supposedly he was in his car heading to a different destination when he saw what was happening. Knowing he had to help, he stopped and did everything he could to make sure she was safe. He effortlessly climbed up to her level and helped her in the open window.

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